After sitting down with Justin and hearing first hand what they are up to, I’m even more excited about the vision and simplicity of Razoo.

For many of you, this could be a game changer. The Ragamuffin community is a bunch of people who aren’t afraid to get after it- to put feet to the gospel and do some good. Adoption, missions, clean water, sex trafficking, poverty- you guys are about action.

And I love that.

That’s why I know you’ll love what Razoo is doing.

The two things I loved most about this idea are:

1. It’s simple.

A team captain creates the team on Razoo, then invites the team members to join the team by creating their own personalized fundraising pages. The team stays connected through the whole process of fundraising. The best news for the churches and non-profits: eliminating paperwork. Razoo handles it all.

2. It’s spreadable via social media.

Fundraising used to involve letters, stamps, checks- um, it’s 2011. That’s just not the way we communicate any more. Razoo enables team members to create customized fundraising pages with photos or videos. Every Razoo page is built to share on Facebook, Twitter and email, making it easier to connect with your people where they actually are.

Man, I love technology. But you already knew that.

Thanks Justin and Razoo for making it easier for Ragamuffins to get off their….