I was having a conversation with some new friends yesterday in Boise ID.
We got talking about The Church.
A. Because I love talking about The Church.
B. Because there is SO much unrest in what actually “The Church” means.

People place words before church like…
and so on…

I think this severely limits the work of Christ and constrains a certain fellowship to a tight set of boundaries.
So I have a SIMPLE question.
What does it take for something to be called “THE CHURCH”
Sunday mornings?
A “pastor”?
A youth group?
A choir?
Sunday School?
A meeting place?
A sweet logo?

Can a church be a few people in an office who don’t ever gather for “bible study” but know each other are there and care for each other?
Can a church be 9 kids in a sandbox who are digging for gold and when one kid gets sand in their eye the other 8 help get it out?

What does it take to be called “The Church”?