There is going to be this guy.
His smile will charm you, his words will woo you, and he will actually want to be yours.
When that guy shows up, remember that the desire he has in his heart for you quite possibly equals 1/10000th of the desire I have for you be God’s.

There is going to be this girl.
She is going to be your best friend.  She won’t mean to, but she is going to say some things behind your back that will wreck your world.
Know that she is simply human and wants to be just like you.
Forgive her.
This is key to not self poisoning yourself.

There is going to be this dream you have.
It’s probably already inside that cafe colored little dome of yours.
It is going to seem impossible.
Just remember the day daddy quit his job at that big church to reach His church.
It seemed impossible.
But you haven’t missed a meal the last 2 years and all the while daddy was chasing that dream.

There is going to be this song.
You are going to hear it and everything is going to change.
Music has the power to shape us completely.
When you hear that song, realize that God has been waiting for you to flow into this melody your whole life.
He loves you enough to match your heart with that melody.
Thank Him for that.

Oh.  One more thing.
Your eyes.  I get lost in the chocolate love that they radiate.
Those bad boys are going to get you far in life.
Just remember when you are asking for something to look into that persons eyes the exact same way you looked into Daddy’s camera at this exact moment.

Just a few thoughts I had while walking to the mailbox today.