We had JUST gotten out of the car.
By the time I got to the front door I saw my one armed 9 year old.
“Baby. That’s not nice. You know that. Take your arm out.”
“But daddy. Why? I don’t want 2 arms. I only want one.”
“I want to be like Bethany.”

The lessons in this 28 word exchange are too many to list.

We had just gotten back from seeing Soul Surfer.
The amazing film about Bethany Hamilton, surfer girl whose arm was bitten off by a shark during a surf session with some friends.

What this misfit of a dad was accidentally doing was trying to influence my daughter that somehow, 2 armed Sohaila was “better”.
While she had figured out that no, “Better” is not symmetry. “Better” is overcoming adversity and inspiring others.

The rest of the night they all played with one arm, ripped one arm off of their favorite Barbies, and ate dinner with one arm.

They had showed me that inspiring with one arm is actually “better” than doing nothing with 2.
It’s better that way.