Sites like this are like watching a car wreck.
I actually think it is healthy to have people who aren’t into your mojo let you know what is going good and bad on your Sundays.
I did this once. Any of you old school Ragamuffins will remember. I got in trouble. πŸ™‚
I have actually fallen in virtual crushes with the writers and their personal blogs.
Yet for obvious reasons, the blog isn’t a proper gauge for a church’s effectiveness towards MOST visitors.
These 2 are cynics writing a humor blog.
But we can’t leave the cynics at the side just because they are going in with an agenda.
An admitted agnostic and former Jehovah witness, it is refreshing yet terrifying to read their church reviews.
You must read it with a grain of salt, or pepper, or crushed red pepper if you will.

I had to laugh when the band started in on the song β€œThe Stand,” and I realized I knew all the words without looking at the big screen monitors behind the stage, of which I should note there were not one, not two, but SIX. Rock β€˜n roll time for Jesus went on for about fifteen minutes before the band hit its peak and ended the set with their Jesusgasm faces.

But after reading it and getting past the carnage factor, I think it DOES bring light to what non Christians see and feel when they enter our Sunday environments.
Did I just say Sunday environments?
Crap. See. I’m already failing them.
Our Sunday Worship Experiences.
Crap. I did it again.

Let’s think about our own churches…
If you walked into your church on a Sunday morning,
What are some things that you think might bother you and what could your church do to fix it?
I’m projecting a small comment section on this post for fear of being discovered.
Man up.
Or Woman up.
What could be off putting to a visitor looking for GOD?