Before you think we have never tackled this on the blog…
When I talk to my gay friends, and I only have 3 so I’m not getting all Barna up on you, I can’t imagine telling them that they are broken any more than I am broken.
All 3 of them have amazing families.
Amazing fathers.
Never been abused.
So all my horrible theories go out the window on them anyways…

They all say that they have always felt this way.
From like toddler land.
I believe them.

Then when I sit alone, and wonder the greatness and perfection of God…
I wonder if He would say the same thing…
“Yes Carlos. I did make them with that orientation”
Or would he say…
“No Carlos. I screwed up. Left them in the orientation cooker a bit too long”
I don’t know.
But I don’t think He would say He made a mistake in creating this in them.
I would say we, humans, might not understand the vastness of who God is and what He knows and plans.
I am NOT saying acting on homosexual tendencies is not a sin.
But I am saying we as the church MUST discuss this.

I’m going to be doing a series of videos in the coming months focusing on some disturbing and disrupting topics that we like to talk about on here.
This being one of them.
I’m not looking for cookie cutter here.
I want wrestlers.
What conversations should we be having on our little web show that the church isn’t having right now?
Oh. And try to answer the question I’m looking for if you feel the itch to go all fundamental on us…