Fireflies blur
1.  When you say “later” your kids hear “never”.
2.  When your kids want you, well, they want you.
3.  “Daddy has to go to work to pay the bills so we can eat”, means absolutely nothing to them.  Stop saying that.
4.  Your laptop screen in front of your face when you get home says…”I know I spent all day with other people, and now, I want to spend even more time with other people and not YOU.
5.  They know that a smile and …”That’s cute” is simply you dismissing the effort they put into whatever it is they just showed you.
6.  Dads, kiss your sons.
7.  Sooner than later they are going to stop crawling in bed with you in the middle of the night…let them.
8.  Don’t just tell your daughters they are beautiful, gasp and blush when they walk in the room.
9.  Hide and seek, with a belly like yours, is difficult I know.  But they won’t remember your belly.  They will remember…”SURE I’LL PLAY!”
10.  Your job is not to make your children responsible adults.  Look in the mirror.  You couldn’t even make yourself a responsible adult.  Your job is to make them fall in love with living and the gift of giving life to others.  Do that, and they will win in life.

Oh.  And remember…
All advice is autobiographical…
It’s better that way.