You Ragamuffin’s know how I feel about starting conversations. It’s what I’ve built this blog, and really, my life on. Engaging in dialogue- the story that unfolds is what I love most.

I got this tattoo of Saul because it started conversations.  I have not see clothing that I would EVER wear that was aimed to do the same…

When I came across what my friend Hunter Harrison is doing with his brand Mendmark, I knew this was a win. He sent me some of their swag.  Their stuff is legit. I am proud to be sporting their gear. And truly, the conversations began almost immediately.  Wearing the shirts or bracelets literally invites the questions.  And the conversation begins.

Conversations of sacrifice. Because the entire brand is built to tell the greatest story of Christs sacrifice.  The scars he took on, so that our hearts could be mended.

Conversations of love. Because they understand that the story continues when we use the sacrifice, the love we’ve received to mend the lives of others.

Conversations of hope. Because when you buy one of their products you are buying clean water for someone who does not have it. Mendmark partners with LWI to build water wells and bring clean water to villages and countries who desperately need it.  They just finished one in Nicaragua.

So follow them on twitter, check out their stuff, buy some gear because:

A) Your cool factor will increase

B) Your conversations will take on a new dimension

C) Someones gets to hear about.

39 Lines from Mend Mark on Vimeo.