So it’s time.
I swear you don’t have to watch many videos, but if you are going to jump into the community of the #sexyback11, watch and listen to Grant and I give you the ground rules above.
Blog, tweet, facebook, whatever.
Use the #sexyback11 hashtag
Take a before pic so we can post afters…
When you post your weekly update use the link in the post for the week at the bottom to plug in your information.

You do what WORKS FOR YOU. But use the #sexyback11 hashtag so we can share wins, info, food, exercises, ect.
EVERY THURSDAY we will check in here and you guys will be able to leave the link to your blog in the widget below.
So write a short blog post, post a twitvid, facebook note, anything…and do it on THURSDAYS.

We are really going to do this.
Over 220 of the Ragamuffin Community is IN!
You can keep up with EVERYBODY on the twitter list Grant has created here

Let’s bring our sexy back.
Oh. And we might live a bit longer while we are at it.
Here is my week one weigh in.

My goal is 175.
And a body like Beckham.