I was 16.
It was my first date.
I was driving to her house.
I got nervous.
I drove my best friends house.
I asked if he would get in the trunk.
To make me feel less nervous.
He said yes.
He grabbed a flashlight and some magazines.
He rode in the trunk with me to pick her up.
The second I saw her I wished he wasn’t in my truck.
We drove straight to the movies.
He was supposed to get back in the trunk by 8:30 when the movie was over.
When we walked back to the car I could see the back seat was down.
He wasn’t back in the trunk.
He was CRAWLING back into the trunk…
And it all unraveled from there… #disaster

It was the most spontaneous decision I had made in my young love life.
And it blew up right next to the girl of my dreams.

The rest of the story only gets better.

But first…
You have to share…
What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done?
And would you do it again?