You know I’m never one to shy away from politics or any other controversial issue. And you all are always quick to speak up and chime in.

One statement is true no matter what your political slant:

If the church would be what Jesus asked us to be. If the church would do what Jesus asked us to do- the need for government to step in and care for the poor, the hurting, and helpless would be nearly non-existent.

Live 58 knows this is possible and is calling us to action.


Hunger, disease, death from poverty is on the decline.  Thirty years ago 52% of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty. Today, that percentage is 26%.

Live 58 believes that together, not one ministry, or one church,  but the Church (yes, Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals) has the power to make it happen.

I love the talk Scott Todd gave at Q.

I love that it can’t be done alone it has to be done together.

Us working in CommUNITY.

God intended that his Church be the hope of the world.

Live 58/ is audacious enough to believe that is actually true.

Do you?