Innocent until proven guilty.
Not by the water coolers I hang out around.
This woman was raw meat waiting to be cooked.
And then Tuesday happened.
Not Guilty.
Most of the shock has come from the Christian community.
Who wouldn’t be aghast that the innocent, little, helpless Caylee was sent to her death by something out of her control?
I know I am terrorized by the thought.
Especially having 2 girls of my own.
It was a cowardice act however it transpired.

But Casey is not guilty.
The system in which we place our trust found her not guilty.
So then.
What to do now?
What to do after all the tweets and blogs about how she should pay.

What do we do when she walks into your church this Sunday?
What do we do with someone who claims one thing yet the world believes another?
Who is seeking refuge from the world in the arms of our body?
How do you respond?
How should the church respond?
How do you think a church ACTUALLY would respond?
Talk ragamuffins…