“I just can’t go to that church.  It’s so full of emotional manipulation.”
I hear this all the time.  I want to look them square in the eye and say that it’s no worse that their churches intellectual manipulation.
And I also believe that the word “manipulation” is thrown around too loosely.
Here’s the deal.
God CREATED emotions.  He CREATED us as emotional creatures.  Yes there is abuse of any gift He has given.  But what I have seen is the church turn their back on emotion because they are scared people will make an “emotional decision.”

News Flash.

God gave us emotions to feel and a mind to think.

Emotions can be dangerous just like intellect can be dangerous.
I think it is more important to take the BS out of Bible Study than it is to take emotions out of decisions.
And past scars definitely push people towards one or the other.
Just don’t lose one of God’s greatest gifts to us, emotion, because you have seen it abused.

When was the last time you got “emotional” in church and how can we lean on emotions without abusing them?