To ignite a movement of authenticity among all generations of Christians that morphs the face of the evangelical church into a place of disturbing and disrupting for the sake of seeing Christ’s face fresh

This is my heartbeat. My ethos. My Sir William Wallace on a horse sermon.

When I spent the better part of 6 weeks coming up with that statement I remember thinking…
“The church is gonna embrace this and run into battle with me!”
Little did I know the opposite would occur.
A giant Red Rover game.

You remember. It was a fantastic game up until around 7th grade.
When the fat kids got REALLY fat and the skinny kids were never picked to be on your team.
Why did it start sucking around 7th grade?
Because of pain.

When you are in 2nd grade and you call Chandra right over, she bounces off your arms like relationships to Paris Hilton.
It’s easy. It’s fun. When the links of arms would break it was a giggle.
And you always would study the opposing team for that weak link.
The Culver twins who were preemies and now a bit smaller than the rest of the crew.
Now when playing with adults.
Not only do links break, but arms break.

I’ve noticed ALL this still applies in this giant game of Red Rover that I am playing with the Evangelical Church Of Safe.

They have some HUGE dudes on their side.
Red Rover Red Rover send Cover/Secular Opening Song over!!!
Me and my team flex. We clasp our arms with the vow not to break.
And we try with all our might to not let Church Opening Cover Song break us. If we succeed then they are now on our team. They have become disturbed and disrupted and no longer grace that churches stage on a weekly basis.

Their turn…
Red Rover Red Rover send Women Pastors right over!!!
So we look at Women Pastors. Hope with all her might that she breaks through and gets to bring one of them back to our side.

Our turn…
Red Rover Red Rover send Firing Pastors Cause They Looked At Porn right over!!!!
Little does that player know that they would have to fire their entire staff if they really implemented that rule.

Their turn…
Red Rover Red Rover send Sloppy Wet Kiss right over!

Our turn…
Red Rover Red Rover send Two Upbeat Songs Then One Slow Song Then Announcements Then Cool Sermon Bumper Video Then Sermon Then Closing Song right over!!!!

Their turn…
Red Rover Red Rover send Letting The Church Know You Are On Paxil right over!!!
Cause we don’t want the people following us to know that we are as crazy if not crazier than they are.

Our turn…
Red Rover Red Rover send God Is A Conservative Republican right over!!!

Their turn…
Red Rover Red Rover send Catholics right over!!!

Back and forth and back and forth.
And you know what.
I only play this game with churches that WANT to play.
And I think it is GREAT to play this game of Red Rover.
It is healthy.
It is healthy to invite disruption into any organization.
Yours, or mine.
Because if your church isn’t playing and asking the hard questions…
Well then they are becoming that non social kid in the corner of the playground that your parents don’t want you to hang out with and only plays with his imaginary friend.

And let’s be honest…
We have a far too many churches only playing with their imaginary friends.

Share your thoughts…
“Red Rover Red Rover send _____ right over!”