I got an email today from a reader that asked a good question…
Hey man,

I love reading your blog.

I’ve noticed lately that you’ve become a little more open on Twitter about drinking. I have a few questions for you – Why now? I’m sure it’s not a new thing… I’ve been studying Romans 14 for myself, and I’m just curious to hear your views as a church leader and drinking.

Hope all is well dude,

Let me preface this with these are my opinions.
1.  Yes. I drink.  Not as much as I did before #sexyback11, but I’ll tell you I can throw back some 2 buck chuck with a side of garlic bread.
2.  I take pictures on my twitter of food I eat as well as beer I drink.  If one of the 2 was going to make a brother stumble, I’m picking the In N Out will kill you first.
3.  As with anything, too much is not good.  But just enough is great!
4.  I think wine and beer looks really cool with the Brannan filter on Instagram.

I think the “Why now?” part of the question is interesting.
I did a little search and sure enough, I have posted 2 pics of the bev in the past week.  I don’t exactly know why.
It is not a conscious decision.
But I do know that as my kids get older, I am becoming more and more up front with everything I am.
Cause I don’t want anything in the closet.
And if you are doing something in secret, you probably shouldn’t be doing it at all.

What are your personal convictions about the sippy sippy?