Dear Modern Day Church Structure…
There are people who do not fit in your systems.
There are people who do not fit in your structures.
There are people who don’t fit inside terms like greeter, worship, hospitality, teacher, small group, youth, missions, ect.
Your herding of spiritual giftings into certain ministry barns is diluting the richness of what the bride could be.
So please step back from your systems and strategies for a moment to see the millions who will never fit in your flow chart and ask yourself, what now?
Because they are leaving you for places which work within their eccentricities and creativity.
And if my mind serves me right…
Jesus was the most eccentric and creative human in history…
And I hate to say it…
But He would not have a place to serve in many of the structures we have built today.
Let’s build the mess of a church Jesus created.
The one He would fit into.
It’s better that way.