When you walk into my home this chalkboard is the first thing you see.
And scattered across the left side of it is the statement, “Before I die I want to _____________”
It haunts me every time I walk in the door.
Haunts me in a good way.
Because I am forced to look at whether or not I am simply existing, or actually living.
I love watching my girls write things on it and then erase them a few months later because they actually accomplished the “Design a dress then make it, then have someone wear it in a fashion show”
Even if it was only a Barbie that wore it, it’s more than I could have pulled off in a lifetime.
This last weekend was a list crossing off moment.
I’ve always wanted to sing to 10’s of thousands of people and hear them sing my songs back to me louder than my vocal was coming thru the PA.
It didn’t happen last year at CreationFest…
But it did happen this year.

[Pictures by ChristianConcertPhotos]

I can mark that one off the chalkboard now.
If you walked into my house…
What would you write on the chalkboard?