We dropped Losiah off at his first day of preschool today.
The day we got him when he was 7 months old flashed before my eyes.
I thought today was a good day to drop some advice for him on here since I know it will always be on here and not always in my head.

1.  Never test the pool water with your toe.  Cannonball.
2.  Buy your mommy flowers.  Lot’s of them.
3.  The moment you want to punch that guy for demeaning your sisters, think long and hard about the last time you got in REALLY bad trouble, then punch HARD and punch FIRST.
4.  Be Brave.
5.  The kid in your class sitting by themselves, don’t just sit next to them, laugh with them.  Just ask Bill gates and Steve Jobs.
6.  When you are about to climb the highest mountain you have ever climbed, make sure your shoes laces have double knots.  Your laces will take you out before the mountain will.
7.  Get home by 2 am.  I promise only bad things happen after 2 in the morning.
8.  Don’t get a tattoo until you are at least 25.  Tattoos received from 18-25 have a 99% chance of being filled with suck.
9.  All the cool kids are just as scared of being found out they are fakes as you are.  Fake it until you make it.
10.  When you are ready, I have 2 round trip tickets to go find your birth family on the other side of the world.  Just say when.
11.  Jesus is not going to make a lot of sense.  He’s not supposed to.  But always give Him another chance.  It’s you that is confused.  Not Him.  I promise.

It’s better that way