Nothing pisses me off more than when someone is looking THROUGH you while they are supposedly looking AT you.
Sunday mornings in your local church lobby or auditorium you will find this happening like white on rice.
Please church leaders…when you are talking with someone who attends your church, even if they are very NEEDY individuals who don’t seem to have a point…look into their eyes and take in their story.
Be Present.
These ARE the people we are called to serve.
I think this is just one problem I see on a Sunday morning that does not allow church staff to be fully present in the lives of their church body.

On the other hand my iPhone is probably my BIGGEST distraction that takes away from me BEING PRESENT when I am a church attender.
And tweeting a line from a sermon removes me farther away from BEING PRESENT there than I’d like others to believe.
Other things that I that do not help Sunday church PRESENCE are…
1. Green rooms
2. Pastor hideouts
3. Media overload
This is the theme that the team I work with at Catalyst is busy honing in for this October’s Catalyst Atlanta event.
I am more excited about this theme than ANY other I have been involved with.
You can join us here!
So please help us with some honing in of ideas.

What are some things that you think keep church staff and attendees from being present on a Sunday morning and what are some solutions?