First of all Blaine is a friend.
He is a trustworthy friend, husband, and father.
When I was first taking applications for my Creative Coaching network, and saw his name on one of the applications I thought 2 things…
1. Isn’t this the dude from Prison Break?
2. Why would a rock star creative want to join in my coaching network for people looking to become more creative?

Answer 1 was yes.
Answer 2 was because he is ALWAYS looking to grow in his creative process.

Then he went and wrote a freaking book.

And after reading his book…
No one EVER arrives, but Blaine has arrived closer than anyone I know in his thoughts on this subject.
I mean $4.99 is NOTHING in comparison to the solid gold that is in this book.
So head over to Amazon and pick up YOUR COPY!!!
And for your willingness to pick up a copy Blaine and I are giving away 10 FREE moleskins.
All you have to do is tweet this AND comment in the commment section…
“The incredibouly good looking duet of @loswhit and @blainehogan are giving…”
I’m kidding.
Step One.
Tweet or Facebook this…
“Head 2 @loswhit’s blog 2 win a moleskine & buy a copy of @blainehogan’s new book!”
(I’d say Plus this but we all know nobody is on that thing yet. 😉
Step Two…
Comment in the comment section by answering the following question…

What is the hardest part about filling blank pages (the creative process) is for you?