I wrote a post over at POTSC today about how I fought the peer pressure to call a girl a fat bitch in 10th grade. Yet failed miserably at grace when I let it go at some guy in the Home Depot parking lot yesterday.
I’ve gotten at least 10 DM’s on twitter today about how this caused so much pain in so many people reading it yet thanking me for fighting the peer pressure.
I started thinking.
Last week here in Nashville I was driving through a ritzy Franklin neighborhood in my Caddy when I got pulled over by a Franklin cop.
The first thing out of his mouth was…”What are you doing driving through here?”
I wanted to say “Scoping out a couple of houses to break into.” but I had a show the next day and didn’t want to spend my merch money bailing out of jail.
I started comparing the feeling I get on a semi regular basis when confronted by some sort of profiling with how overweight people must feel as well.
I don’t know if there is a similarity but I would assume there is.
I started to wonder if there is prejudice even in the religious institutions we belong to.
Does it exist in this online world we live in?
Do the fat get excluded? Targeted?
Have you ever been or are overweight and what sort of prejudice do you receive in your everyday lives?
Work? School? Church? Traveling?
Have you seen it in someone close to you?
How hard is it?
Please tell.