Let’s just get it out in the open.
Kickstarter has been the best and worst thing to ever happen to the creative community. (Only a slight exaggeration)
I’ve seen some amazing projects come to life.
Projects that would cost the creator thousands of dollars to create on their own and their community rallies up funds and poof…art is born.
I have also seen Kickstarter campaigns create a sense of entitlement for creatives and dissipate the blood, sweat, and tears of committing through a project if the project doesn’t raise the desired financial goal.
A compelling story supersedes a good business plan.

There is SO much good and bad to ANYTHING.
I mean I’m not saying that I’m not going to ever crowd source anything I can’t afford to pull off alone.
I mean I had my own Kickstarter back in the day before Kickstarter was cool.

Remember this blog button? (If you do you are a REAL OG RAGAMUFFIN)
Give 5 bucks you get to give him one hug. Give 10 bucks you can babysit him. Give 100 bucks you can have him for the summer.

I’m just saying that we need to make sure that we use the tools given to us in a healthy way as opposed to an unhealthy way.
And c’mon.
That video is brilliant.

What are your thoughts on Kickstarter and the culture it has created?