Dear administrator person who oversees worship leader…

1.  It’s not that they don’t want to be organized, it’s just that they won’t ever have that skill set, because you hired them to do something else. Help them. Don’t grade them.
2. You’re view looking at the back of people’s heads as they worship is only 1/2 the view. Trust what your worship leader sees and he will trust what you see. Both of your perspectives are vital.
3. “Office Hours” need not be primarily in your office. They need to be outside of the offices to be inspired. Let them.
4. If you are going to call them a “worship leader” then let them actually “lead” something else other than songs on a Sunday. Give them leadership opportunities with your staff.
5. If you do 3 and 4 they will play that really bad song you want them to add to the worship set will less of a fight than if you don’t let them do 3 and 4.
6. Let them off at least one Sunday every 8 weeks. And let your preacher off too. There is nothing worse than creating a culture of robotic worship leadership and preaching. It will bring freshness. I promise.
7. When you go to that leadership or church planting conference, and everyone in the room is singing at the top of their lungs, they all work at churches. They aren’t tired mechanics, lonely strippers, and jobless fathers. These people are the ones hopefully filling your buildings. And these people don’t know the harmony to Mighty to Save.
8. You let the pastor preach from notes. Give them a confidence monitor for those new songs.
9. When you find out they are looking at porn, don’t pull them off stage. Let them now lead from a place of brokenness where they can relate to the people in front of them in ways they never could before.
*This is not a cop out for accountability. Hold them tight. But this is a tactic that is for a 7 year old. Instead of killing the spider, you are simply cleaning the cobwebs.
10. Please. For the love of all things John Maxwell, don’t make them read 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. Buy them the new Kanye/Jay-Z or Foster The People Album. It will help them more. I promise.
11. Because I hate lists of 10… Relationship will go much farther than Performance Reviews. If there is no relationship, they will dread and despise anything you say in those review meetings. If there is relationship, they will not only take notes, but grow in their leadership faster than Usain Bolt on his best day. And relationship doesn’t mean having meetings at Starbucks. It means them calling you in the parking lot of the strip club before they walk in because they know you will come get them.

It’s better that way…