I get it. We have problems. We have issues. We all have crap we’re dealing with.

I know. I’m right there with you. Consumed.

And for us, it’s easy to sit in our coffee shops or cubicles and see how big our problems are and forget.

It’s time we open our eyes.

Back in July, I told you about what Live58.org is doing to end world poverty. And when I say end, I mean actually END. They’ve done a full feature film that will take the fuzzy gaussian blur out of our view of poverty and give grit, feet and answers to this global crisis.

Here’s the trailer for the film.

You guys can order a free screening kit for your church, small group, poker club…whatever group you run with. I believe when we open our eyes to the possibility of ending this thing. We can jump in together to make it happen.

Also, there are over 50 screenings of the film at theaters nationwide. Is there one near you? (Use Code: CARLOSWHITTAKER)

I love that this platform, this community, gives me the opportunity to see the amazing things that people like live58.org are doing.

I am inspired.

I am challenged.

And I get to share it all with you.