This is Sara.
But I don’t know that Sara.
I know this Sarah.

The Sara that comments encouraging people to chase their dreams in spite of pain.
The Sara that comments in total and complete authenticity that the fact that her sickness did not allow her to attend her fathers funeral was agonizing , yet she would not give in to the pain.

Sarah has been commenting and existing in this Ragamuffin Soul community for as long as most anyone.
There are some of you who are great friends of Sara’s.
I’m not a great friend of Sara’s.
I’m just someone who she would pass by on occasion to give words of grace and wisdom and love.
For no reason other than to love.
I didn’t read Sara’s blog.
I mean, I don’t even read my wife’s blog…
But Sarah wasn’t stopping by here to get traffic to her blog…
She was stopping by here to bring love to mine.
Tonight I have spent 6 hours on Sara’s blog.
6 hours.
Because I want to be reading the words she spoke to make the earth better as God Himself speaks words to her that make Heaven better.

Well done my good and faithful servant.

Well done Sara.
You can rest in Him and know that my view of pain and joy have been radically destroyed and rebuilt after spending 6 hours with you tonight.

May the breath that fills your lungs as you explode with adoration of seeing our Savior face to face be the most freeing breath you have ever released.
Your ragamuffin brother…