I’m always looking for books to keep my creativity fueled.
I also get to keep others creativity fueled.
These four books have been STAPLES in my artillery.
Read them when your creative hustle starts slowing down.

THE COURAGE TO CREATE is a compelling case for art and creativity as the centripetal force, not a mere tangent, of human experience.  It is creativity from a therapists point of view and offers a sort of blueprint for kicking our bad creative hits to the curb.

TRUST THE PROCESS What I love about this book is that is is NEVER preachy.  Never.  He brings the terror and exhilaration of creating to the front.

CRACKING CREATIVITY In this book Michalko researched HUNDREDS of the worlds greatest thinkers…and stole all their mojo.  Get it.  It’s amazing…

COACHING THE ARTIST WITHIN Exercise Exercise Exercise.  This book is full of them.  It’s a bit hippie, but it works.  I dig through it weekly.

Look at me.  All practical and stuff today…
Let us know in the comment section if you have any gems…