Ken Coleman, Brad Lomenick, and Myself discussed on the Catalyst podcast, which released today, Brad’s top ten modern worship songs of all time.
So I thought I would share mine, and you can share yours.
Now I am making this rule, just so we don’t get flooded with your favorite current worship songs.
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Drumroll Please….

10.Here I Am To Worship
WORE THIS OUT. WORE THIS OUT. What an amazing bridge. It was in the same vain as Heart of Worship but with a little special sauce added on it.

9. From The Inside Out
This was a tough one. There are so many great songs on this record that we wore out at Sandals Church back in the day. But this was the first one of EPIC nature that I purposely let my guitar player pull a solo out on…

8. Let Everything That Has Breath Before we started playing this song, it was all acoustic guitars and congo drums. OMG. Do you remember that horrific season? Thank God this song got me out of that phase. The only problem was we were playing an electric set at the time. Just as bad if not worse. The song itself was an upbeat song we could come out of the gates with and was a crowd fav. Wore this song out too.

7. One Pure And Holy Passion
Probably the most sung son in the ten years I was at Sandals Church. And for a reason. This song changed lives for real. Sara Delarosa and myself went on what I can only imagine was a 4 month stretch never missing a Sunday singing this song. Sorry church. And I think this was also that album that song America was on. I remember singing it and knowing I would never sing it again. 🙂 Seemed like a good idea.

6. Light The Fire Again
The reason why this is in my list is because it was the first song I ever led live in front of a group.
Berry College. 1996. Lots of hot chicks in the crowd harmonizing with me. This was when I knew I wanted to use my guitar in church to get chicks, I mean when I knew I wanted to become a worship leader.

5. Shout To The Lord
The key change. The keychange… This is where manna fell from heaven.  Darlene will forever be my favorite worship leader of all time.  Literally every church in the world has probably done this song…  Anointed.

4. Salvation Is Here
The first song that taught me to pump my fist. It was aggressive, has a sick bass line, and worked like a charm at the top of the set. Honestly, I don’t know if there has been a better top of the set worship song since this bad boy.

3. Make A Joyful Noise
Had a heard time not having this #2. Cause honestly, of all the worship leaders out there, Crowder has crafted my view of the music behind the lyric in a worship song more than anyone. This was my Salvation Is Here before Salvation Is Here was…well…here.  And also.  Skip to 13:50 in this video… Tomlin and Lecrae were way behind the times of rapping in worship songs… 😉  That makes me miss Sandals…

2. Heart Of Worship
The chorus all other worship choruses are up against. This song swept the world like wild fire and the story behind the song is even stronger. Hey pastors. How about shutting off the lights and firing the band because you feel your church has lost it’s focus in worship? Yea. I didn’t think so. Amazing anthem.


1. Better Is One Day
“My heart and flesh cry out, for you the living God, Your spirits water to my soul”
This song is my number one for no other reason than it should be.
It changed my view of heaven, earth, worship, and passionate worship.
And I think appropriately enough, Matt Redman crafted the songs my generation was moved by…

Honorable mention…
Shout Unto God, Open The Eyes Of My Heart, Hungry.

That was honestly exhausting.
I started with a completely different list and then moved, deleted, reinserted, and stressed my way through it.
But I think I’m happy.
OK. Time to add your commentary…
What would you add? What is your list? Bring it ragamuffins…