The message? Timeless.

The need? Endless.

Their passion? Limitless.

Let’s be honest, shall we? There are men and women who take Jesus’ challenge to change the world, and give their lives to live, breathe and actually do what he said.

These people rule me.

Join us as we honor them.


There are two ways you can honor these men and women.

Attend the Gala on October 24th at Fox Theater in Atlanta! I know, I feel like that word is a little too fancy for us Ragamuffins, but they really want us there! In fact, Ragamuffin readers who use the discount code “LOS” get $25 off ticket price. (Before October 2nd)

Partner with them! You can be a corporate or ministry partner right now. They’ve got some amazing partners and you can join them in making the night possible.

Let’s give honor where honor is due.