Pete said something in his message yesterday that is still sitting with me.
When, ever, has cynicism healed anything?
This completely kicked my ass.
Like hard.
Here’s the deal.
I am the king of them.
I have been on staff at mega churches, gone on 2 really large CCM tours, live in Nashville TN, and write a blog where I bitch and moan a lot about the state of the church.
I think it is good to discuss these things.
But if we are not careful we can become a cesspool for cynicism.
If we are not doing something to help the church help people to see the hope of Jesus Christ then we are just a bunch of bitchy cynics.
And that helps nothing
Most of the things Christians are cynical about, are the things that are actually working.
Think about it.
So I am making my Mondays #ChristianStopYourBitchinMonday
Because no matter how much better you think your church or pastor could have got it yesterday, lives were healed and Jesus was preached.

Let’s hear it.
What’s your anti bitch comment about the state of the church today?
How amazing is it?!!!!
What is working?!!!