If we are not questioning things, then we are simply existing, which is actually dying.

To live in the safety of existence is like standing as a dead oak tree everyday.
Everyone sees it as they drive by.
Some of the dead trees are mighty.
Some of the dead trees are not.
They stand straight next to all the other trees.
The ones that are alive.
There are seasons where none can tell which trees are living and which trees are simply existing.
Then you notice it.
Life begins to come forth from the trees of life yet nothing is changing in the old, dead, existing trees.
The living trees are giving life to the world around them.
The existing, dead trees are not.
Then comes a new season.
This is the season were the living trees begin to question things.
They are full of life. Crazy colors. Majestic in the way they dance with the fall winds.
They rain their leaves in a glorious dance.
Bright reds, vivid yellows.
While the dead/existing trees simply stand and watch the world around them…live.

Stop existing…Start Questioning…Start Living.