It’s not often I want to punch someone in the face.
Actually it has only happened 2 times in my life.
The first time was in 4th grade when the kid down the street was pushing my little brother.
I swung and missed the guys face.
But I hit must have hit my brothers heart cause he loved me hard for a good 3 weeks after.
The second time was in 11th grade.
Someone called me a nigger at a Braves game.
That time I didn’t miss.
But I also didn’t see the rest of the game.

Our emotions are an amazing thing.
Some people are more emotional than others.
I am a passion filled Latin lover.
That’s another post.
But I am passionate.
My highs are freaking high and my lows are terribly low.
Black and white.
It’s the gray in the middle where I tend to find the greatest sense of peace.
The place of questioning, the place where there are no answers.
But I rarely find myself there.

This morning on the way to Crema, this guy cut me off then gave me the one finger salute…
I felt it surge inside me, I sped next to him, stuck my left hand out the window, and pointed straight at his…
I mean, her…
I mean she could not have been younger than 89.
Her eyeballs looked like Gizmo’s behind her 4 inch thick lenses.

It’s like the passion inside of me crumbled in .05 seconds.
After I pointed, I then waved, then I mouthed, “I’m sorry”.
She smiled back.
When I got to Crema I realized that sometimes our passions are ruled by make believe.
I wanted to believe she was a 23 year old punk ass kid.
But why would that have mattered?
I should have crumbled even with him.

I’m a sinner in need of Jesus. 🙂

So, all this to ask,
What sends you to the height of your emotions.
Good or bad.