Rob Bell

I’m not a lead pastor. I have never been one. But I can only assume there are days when bouncing seems like a good idea.
Rob Bell is stepping down as the lead pastor of Mars Hill Church.
Francis Chan stepped down as the lead pastor of Cornerstone Church.
Neither of these have anything in common except for what I consider a small yet massive tie.
A call from God to step down from leading a local church to do something more.
More may not be the right word, but collectively, what I have gathered from interviews, videos, their writings, it is because their current church structure is no longer suited to support the call God has in their lives.
Something more than could be accomplished with them at the current place of leadership they serve.
I listened to Rob Bell’s sermon from 2 Sundays ago and was sucked into the story. He did a masterful job in his talk and I can’t wait to see what God has for him.
I believe whole heartily in what Francis Chan is doing.
Honestly, I left working in the local church for many of the same reasons.
I have been in conversations with some great church leaders as of late where this is a possibility in their lives as well.

I am left to wonder…
Will the church begin to loose their strongest leaders because the structure of what we call “the church” isn’t capable of adjusting to the needs of our current culture?