It’s fall.  In California you camp in the summer.  The mountains are higher and the weather is cooler.  You can’t pull this off in the south.  I took Sohaila camping a few weeks ago and literally felt as if my face was going to melt off my head at 2am.  We were 5 minutes away from me calling it a night and getting back in the car when Sohaila rolled over and put her arm around me.  I wasn’t going to let that go so I stayed. 🙂

But now that the weather is cooler the Whittakers are about to start sleeping outside.  Even on months we are able to still pay our rent… 😉  We headed to a little unknown spot 25 minutes north west of our house called the Harpeth Bridge Recreation Area.  Camped right on the river and had a blast.

I’ve been leaving the camera at home lately, bored with my shots, but realized that missing memory for artistic boredom is stupid. I’m glad I took it.


Losiah found an acorn tree.  His pockets looked like this for 24 hours.


Not one bite…


It’s the smiles I catch when I don’t ask them to smile that move me.


Run little bandito.  And i’m not quite sure how muhc bigger those holes can get.


This is what I do when I camp…




How do you like your marshmallows?


Picnic table, lantern, and cards.  All night.

So this is where you will find us many of these fall weekends in and around middle Tennessee.  Camping.
Are you guys campers? Did you camp as a kid?

And for the love of all things memories… Take pictures. Lots of them!