Ragamuffins. This community is about creating conversation.  Daily disturbing and disrupting the way we’ve always thought, always lived, always believed.

The Elephant Room is about yearly disturbing and disrupting the way we think, the way we lead, and the way we do church.


Because we both believe that the uncomfortable conversations, the passionate discussions, the tense dialogue leads us to see Jesus more clearly. Removing the lens of religion, tradition and seeking Gods heart in the matter.

They saw the value in this community and approached me about how we could partner together to make those conversations happen- bring people together to ask, talk, question, and discover.  January 25, 2012 is going to be Round 2, a new roster of leaders, more in-your-face conversations and at the end we believe a greater understanding of truth and unity.

Leading up to this event we’ll have some conversations of our own. We’ll be hosting some podcasts here where you can be part of the conversation.  I love your voice, your class, and the way we can face the uncomfortable conversations with passion and grace.

Are you ready?

To get you in the mood, here’s a trailer of January’s Round 2:

The Elephant Room: Round 2 from Harvest Bible Chapel on Vimeo.