My girls love Barbies, donuts, pizza, and Taylor Swift.
So it wasn’t a suprise when my then 7 year old Seanna told us she wanted a Taylor Swift birthday party.
But if you know the Whittakers, you know that did not mean Taylor Swift cups and plates from Walmart.
Our friend Jenny Acuff, the better half of Jon, told Heather…”You should do a Taylor Swift video shoot with the girls”
With that sentence all sorts of responsibilities transfered from my wife to me. 🙂
Thanks Jenny.
And it was fabulous.
The whole party was them getting dressed up, hair done, makeup done, and singing MEAN by Taylor Swift about 12 times for me.
Oh. And lots of cake.
They did AMAZING.
14 little girls living their dream and one balding, slightly overweight dad trying to give it to them.
So armed with my Nikon D7000, really bad dad camera work, and 2 new iPhone 4s cameras, we went to work.

I hope you love it baby.
I can’t wait to see you under the lights of Bridgestone Arena one day.
Until then…
I’ll have to be your Big ‘Ol City…