Here is what I believe.
I believe that God created art.
I believe that God created all people who craft His art.
Jay-Z might not know that the beats and cadence he got came from something greater than him.
Spielberg may not know that the gift of directing a movie came from someone much greater than he.
Oprah may not know where she got her woo.

Some people are just confused as to where they got their gifting.
Some people cover the gift of God’s art with nastiness.
Some people cover His art with the beauty it deserves.
All the while, it all starts with Him.

When people tell me that I shouldn’t listen to music because it is the devil’s music, I tell them to stop giving the devil credit for the sick beat.
The devil may own the person who wrote it, and may be littered all over the lyrics, but the music, the music is Gods.
The rhythms, harmonies, melodies, and cadence, are all a gift from God Himself.

I can appreciate a Jay-Z or Kanye joint without believing that I should call my wife a bitch.
I can enjoy an episode of Lost without selling my soul to the devil because John Locke doesn’t believe in Jesus.
I can watch Angelina Jolie shoot a gun in a tank top without wanting to run to the bathroom.

l can appreciate all the art that God has gifted His creation with for what the art is.
This does not mean that I have to agree with lyric.
It just means I can appreciate the cadence of the lyric.

So instead of trying to convince me to stop listening to Jay-Z and Kanye I’m going to ask you to do 3 things.
1.  Make songs that are as good as Jay-Z and Kanye’s so I can listen to the heavenly lyrics you place on God’s beats. And my boy Lecrae can do it all alone.
2.  Stop giving the devil credit for all the good art out there.
3.  Relax. 🙂

Let’s hear ye ragamuffins…