“Daddy? Can we pray for my Oma tonight at dwinna?”
Losiah’s Oma is his foster mom. She took care of him from month 1 of his life till month 7 when she so lovingly handed him over to us.
“What do you want to pray for her about buddy?” I asked.
“Dunno. I just wuv her. She took care of me.”
“Let’s do it. Dinner. It’s a date.”
“But daddy… I love you too”
I smiled and walked out.

It took me a second but then realized that at 5 years old, he was being intentional in letting me know that he thanks me for choosing him but also understands he was chosen by someone else too.

I walked into the bedroom and shut the door, sat on the floor and started crying.
A good cry.
A “How the hell did we get so lucky and get this kid cry”

30 seconds later…knock knock knock.
Kid walks in.
“Daddy. Are you crying cause you love me?”
“Yes son. I am. You are perfect.”

“No I’m not. Remember you almost spanked me yesterday?”
“Oh yea. You’re right. You are a sinner in need of repentance.”

Just living my story.