The megachurches of the 50’s are not the mega churches of the 80’s.
The megachurches of the 80’s are not the megachurches of 2012.
Can you see what is going on here?
The next statement is…
The megachurches of 2012 are not going to be megachurches of 2032.
And is that a bad thing?
I don’t think so.
I actually think it is a good thing.
But I do know one thing.
If your church is banging’ right now…
It is in a season.
And I know you think it will be BANGIN for eternity.
And that yours is the one that will transition seamlessly from generation to generation to generation.
But more than likely, like my dad’s generation, and his before, you will live with the thought that how you got to where you are is going to be how you last.
It’s not.
It’s not.
It’s not.
So while you spend thought and energy and money on building campuses all over the world that crush as hard as the main joint…
Why don’t you take half that thought, energy, and money on building into what is next.
Not next week.
Not next year.
But next decade.
Then, when the decade comes, and the rowdy young guns (THE CURRENT YOU) get tired of your charades, they won’t leave.
They will be sent.

Into your buildings.
Into your spaces.

When you start to feel the tension.
Hand over the keys.
At that point churches will stop dying and becoming museums from centuries past and we actually may have a shot to fulfill the great commission.
We may actually have a shot at revival.
Megachurch or minichurch.

y”OUR” Kingdom come.
That “Y” in your makes all the difference.

It’s ok to fix something that isn’t broken now but will be in 20 years.
It’s better that way…Right?