Fall 2011 Whittakers

The conversation went something like this…

“Babe. Look at Sohaila!
I mean seriously. She’s got it.
She is soooo me!
I love it.”

“Yea. So how are we gonna fix that?” Ali responded.

I call her “Ali” because at that moment, she unknowingly pulled back her left arm, clenched her fist, and went Ali on my face.

“How are we gonna fix that?! What the hell does that mean?!! Fix what?!! Fix Awesomeness?!!”

“Yes. Fix awesomeness.”

The conversation unraveled from there.

It only took 30 more seconds for me to know what she was talking about.
That is about as long as it took me to pull my head out from inside my arse.

The confidence. The smile. The satisfaction in her being her. All of these things were the things that I was talking about.
And all these things were the things that Heather was not talking about.

What I was talking about was what Heather loves about Sohaila.
What THE WIFE was talking about at that moment was…
The need to be accepted.
The ability to be woo’d.
The need to give love only to those who will take advantage of you and crush you in return.
The ability to take a simple truth and turn it into a nasty lie.
The need to make out with anything that has boobs.
Well that was my problem. Not hers.
The ability to win the entire room over all the while thinking about the next room.
The need to find satisfaction in someone else’s failing.
The ability to take credit for someone else’s work.

Can I stop now? Cause I can go for days.
That is what she was talking about.

With all the awesomeness you bestow upon your children, they also get your crap.
They get the things that make you have a hard time looking yourself in the mirror at night.
But they are not stuck with this.
Because in the end, they, are not you.
They just are stuck watching you.

Let your kids bring the change in your life you want to see in theirs.
It’s better that way.