My great friends at Project 7 have something for you guys.
A chance to win a YEAR worth of Project 7 coffee, gum, mints, tshirt, and lots of swag.
The cool thing?
Buying their stuff literally changes the world.
Founded in 2008 by Tyler Merrick, Project 7® makes everyday products for good and is dedicated to creating positive change through their purchase—giving back to assist real needs throughout the world.
1. Project 7 isn’t about you buying more stuff or buying stuff you don’t want—it’s about encouraging people to think about what they’re buying and how their purchases can move the needle and benefit others in a tangible way.
2. Every purchase of a Project 7 product causes a specific and direct action that positively and instantly affects seven areas of need. Feed the Hungry™, Heal the Sick™, Hope for Peace™, House the Homeless™, Quench the Thirsty™, Teach them Well™ and Save the Earth™.
3. Project 7 items make great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. A gift that gives back! STUFF THEM STOCKINGS HERE.
4. Stock up on Project 7 items online at and at Walmart, Caribou Coffee and HMS Host Stores. A retail-finder is here.

Somebody here at RagamuffinSoul is about to win a years worth of Project7 swag.
No where else but here.
Pick one of the 7 causes from above and on a chalkboard, real or virtual, draw, write, paint, creatively express why it is your favorite cause.
That’s it.
That easy.
Email a pic to
I’ll put them up this weekend and we will vote…
Who did the best job creatively expressing one of the 7 causes on a chalkboard.
Again, use a phone chalkboard app or a real chalkboard. Whatever.

You will win a monthly “care package” from Project 7 full of the good stuff…
What is the cause in your heart right now?