I always take pictures of myself from at least 6″ above my head or with my head slightly tilted down so that you don’t see my double chin.
I make my kids reenact something they just did so it looks better on instagram.
Like 4 times if necessary.
I make sure that when I tweet I leave 13 characters so that you can retweet it without any effort.
I @reply famous people so that they reply to me back.
I don’t tell you when my kids tell me to put down my phone.
I want to take down a blog post if it only has a few comments after a few hours.
I ignore conversations I am in, in order to tell you about the conversations I am in.
I tell you of the crap in my life and label it authenticity so that I feel better about having crap in my life.
I carry my iPhone around with me like it is surgically implanted in my palm.
I wait until the pastor says the most amazing thing and then tweet and Facebook it so it looks like I am paying attention to the whole sermon.
I’ll tweet during my date with my wife to tell you I’m on a date with my wife instead of being on a date with my wife.

It’s a slippery slope we are walking on.
There are some AMAZING things about social media and how we share our lives.
But we have to fight the things that will ultimately destroy our reality.
What you get from me and what I get from you is what we choose to show each other.
Let’s never forget that the truth behind who each of us is, is FAR from the truth buried inside of our LCD screens.
Let’s share our lives, but not lose our souls.
It’s better that way.