The first 2 were easy.
Losiah is favored.
He just is. Not favorite. Just favored. The kid touches things and it turns to gold. The kid walks by 23 year old women and they immediately get weak in the knees. He cries and everyone wants to watch. He screams and everyone wants to watch.

Seanna is my anchor.
She is unchanging in her focus. She does not give her love away easily. You must earn it. And once you earn it she will overwhelm you with it. She is steady. She is always. She is Constant.

Sohaila was the hard one to figure out. I wanted to use the word compassion but truthfully, she is only compassionate for the downtrodden. And the word just didn’t feel right. She cried at the thought of someone being alone. She cries at the thought of someone hurting. She always finds the least of them and holds their hand. She is full of a grace that I’ll never understand. And she graced me into fatherhood as my firstborn. She is a picture of grace. God graced her with grace. Graced.

When we adopt our next two, they get the smallest and the fattest of digits. Here’s hoping we get a chunky and a tiny baby.

What word would you use to describe the character or blessing of those closest to you?

Oh. And lets be honest. Seanna will probably give me the middle finger the most out of the three.