So, we’ve finally narrowed down a winner for our Project 7 Year of Swag Contest.

We challenged Ragamuffin Readers to use a real or virtual chalkboard to express one of Project 7’s SEVEN causes. (HEAL – SAVE- FEED – QUENCH – HOUSE – TEACH – HOPE)

And, as usual you did not disappoint. We received some AMAZING depictions of these causes. I honestly love seeing how creative you are.

But, alas, there can only be ONE winner.

Cheyenne Hensley is the one.

Congrats Cheyenne! Get ready for an entire YEAR’S worth of swag.

And the rest of you…let’s not let our creativity stop with the chalkboard…

Why not take a creative approach to gift giving this year? Make 2011 the year you give gifts that give back.

I’m about to hop on a plane to Rwanda for the next 7 days, maybe you aren’t. (Well you probably aren’t) But you can do good here with your feet planted on US soil, and still have Chipotle for lunch.

So do it.

The Project 7 Store is a fantastic way to make that happen.