It’s Christmas Eve.
This means a few things.
Some of you are the happiest that you have been all year.
Some of you are the most miserable that you have been all year.
Some of you are right in the middle.
I’m good.
I am laying in bed right now next to the most beautiful 8 year old on the planet.
It is warm.  It is quiet.  It is perfect.
In a few minutes I will get up and begin the chaos of today.
The chaos involves 3 trips to 3 different family homes.
It involves lots of “Hey!” “Great!” “How about you?!” “Fantastic!” “Actually no.  I live in Nashville now.  Yea.  Tennessee.  Yea. The country music place.” “Yea.  I actually DO like it.”
And we have a choice.
Actually I have a choice.
I can make today about survival.
About getting from one conversation to the next with the least amount of thought possible…
I could make today about authenticity.
And surprise everyone I talk to with an authenticity that they probably are not ready for this Christmas Eve.
Asking them the one question that no one else on the planet would ask them but you know they want to be asked…
I don’t know what that question is…but you do.
It will make for even more awkward conversations but it will also make for more people knowing that someone actually cares more about them than the traditions that surround them.
Make today about the peoples lives you never get to share and not about the horrible casserole and 15 dollar gift exchange.
It’s better that way.
Merry Christmas.