To know.
To know is one of the greatest gifts of life.
To know that if you walk outside and it is 32 degrees, you will see your breath.
You will only know this, if, you have walked outside, and it was 32 degrees, and you have seen your breath.
If you have only lived in 72 degrees, you do not know this.
You do not know that you can see your breath in 32 degrees.
Not because it is not TRUTH.
Because it is.
But you have never seen the TRUTH of your breath in 32 degrees.
So you do not know.

I remember the first time I saw my breath.
I was 6.
We had just moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta.
3163 Sprucewood Drive Decatur GA 30033.
It was morning and we were heading out to my new school.
Rehoboth Elementary.
I was excited.  Cause our mascot was the RoadRunner.
I don’t know why.
We walked out and I about choked on the cold.
I screamed MOMMY LOOK!
I remember the look on her face as she took in the moment.
I kept breathing, over and over, blowing air out…
For a new reason…
To see it.
To see this new TRUTH.

Normally we breathe to simply exist.
We don’t even know we are breathing until we have a problem breathing.
Then we beg for someone to help us breathe.
But this is different.
When you can see your breath you are noticing your breathing for a completely different reason.
You realize you are breathing because something simple, has now become something beautiful.
You are awakened to seeing your breath.
I still smile when I can see my breath.

I now know.
I know what my breath looks like in the temperature TRUTH has provided for me.
It is an atmosphere that I have never experienced.
I was ignorant to the TRUTH of this reality.
Just existing.
Existing in a great life.
Existing in a life that for most, would be breath SEEING.
But this is my normal.
My reality had become an existence.
One temperature.
Then, TRUTH.
Everyday it’s like walking outside in Decatur GA that morning.
I now can’t stop smiling because I can see my breath.
I now know a reality that I have never known.
And I will never be the same.
I have seen the TRUTH and I thank God, probably every 5 minutes, for TRUTH.
My reality.
My visible breath.

It’s 8:20 am on Tuesday morning.
It’s time to walk outside, and see the fullness of the TRUTH He has provided for you.
Stop existing in your comfortable temperature when God has beauty and TRUTH waiting for you in a temperature you have never experienced.