I’m typing this from Rwanda.  I just got a massage.  I’m a short term missionary.

1.  I absolutely, without a doubt, do not struggle with staying in nice hotels while I’m in developing countries on mission trips.  Quit judging me.
2.  This is my second trip to Africa.  The children’s behavior here makes American children look like wild animals.
3.  I like taking pics of me and the cute Rwandan kids but I would never take pics of me and cute American kids.
4.  God did not call me or you to be Mother Teresa.  He called me to be Carlos Whittaker and you to be you.  Be you.
5.  When I am on a short term mission trip I’m constantly thinking that “long term missionaries” are rolling their eyes at me.
6.  I always become friends with the bell hop so that by night 3, he takes me out for some local nightlife.
7.  When it’s 1:30 am, and I enter the third, shady, back alley bar…I immediately start looking at how Jason Borne would get out of this room if cornered.
8.  Americans are the most impatient people on the planet.  And I’m American.
9.  I am so scared that I’ll eat something that will kill me in Rwanda, but I’ll McDonalds every other day and that will kill me faster.
10.  The three most important things for this stumbling short term missionary…
a.  Wifi
b.  Ministry
c.  Wifi
In that order.

What confessions can you add?