I went to the JayZ/Kanye show last night in Dallas.
I’m pretty sure it was one of the greatest performances I have ever seen. Live.
The crazy thing is, with as much swag as those 2 guys had on stage, their talent was undeniable.
This genre of music actually breeds and celebrates self indulgence.
It works better when the artist is actually MORE full of themselves.
I think this is why, in some respects, it is hard to grab fans in the Christian marketplace if you are a rapper.
It’s hard to see someone coming across on stage as a bad ass yet rapping about something other than themselves being greater.
I’m just processing here.
There are rappers in the Christian market who have actually succeeded in coming across authentic and still rapping positive messages.
Especially the guys out of the Reach Record crowd.
But I just think it has to be the toughest genre to crossover from and keep the same intensity and feel.
Call me crazy.
Cause I probably am.
What do you think?
Is hiphop/rap the hardest form of music to spin a Christian message to?