I watch the Bachelor.
I get beat the hell up for it.
“How could you watch such a demeaning show to women?”
“How can you watch such trash?”

Let me give you the reasons I LOVE to watch the bachelor.

1.  I think Christians need to see the direct parallel between sanctification and the story of these women finding their faith in the Bachelor.
You see when we find our true selves…

I’m kidding.
Calm down.
Take a chill out tablet

1.  I watch the Bachelor for the same response and reaction that I enjoy when watching The Walking Dead.
I mean, if you could just watch me, and not watch the television, you would not be able to tell the difference in my facial expressions.

Humans walking around without brains.

2.  The tears.
To watch girls tonight crying after they have been rejected by a man they knew for 2 hours.
There is no better television.
Well.  Besides Virgin Diaries…
Don’t pull the “Carlos, you wouldn’t want your daughters on that show one day crying…” line.
You know why?
Because if they are on that show, them and I would have already had the longest talk of their lives…and they would have chosen this disaster on their own.
Kinda like I did when I was on Blind Date.

3.  The producers.
Please close your eyes if you don’t want to know the truth about reality television.
It’s fake.
It’s all fake.
On my episode of LA Ink, I auditioned 3 times, and then walked into the shop 4 times and they already had my artwork, and they had me have specific conversations.
The only thing real about it was my tattoo and the beauty who did it.
Hannah and my conversation formed an amazing friendship over 13 hours and the tattoo is real.
But EVERYTHING else is set up.
Just like The Bachelor.
I’m more than convinced that they already know who is going to win and so do the girls.
So it’s just another good evening soap opera.
My parents had Dallas, Knots Landing, and Falcon Crest.
I have The Bachelor, Wife Swap, and the Republican debates.
All fake yet good television.

So there you have it.
I wanna know your honest opinion for yourself.
Do you watch this stuff?
The “reality” tv.
The Bachelor?
Why or why not?