We have a way about us.
We have a way around us.
We have a way throughout us.
We, in all our humanity, have figured out how to take something so small, so tiny, so non essential, and turn it into the singular thing that takes us down.
It’s our greatest gift and our strongest curse.
Our ability to process.

Yesterday I tweeted this…
Our ability as humans to make an uncrossable valley out of a crack in the sidewalk is one of a kind. Step Back. Look Again. Step Over. Walk.

Today you are facing what seems like a giant.
It may actually be a giant.
It probably is not.

But if it is a giant follow this procedure…
When you are standing at the foot of a giant, and looking straight up, you can not see the entire situation correctly.
Turn around. Walk back away from the giant, turn back and face the giant, and now you can see the whole giant.
Not just his shoe.
When you do this you will find things you could not see from below him.
Like he’s blind.
He is asleep.
He is friendly.
The truth of this giant is far different seeing him from a distance than seeing him from up close.

Now if you turned around after your walk away, and you can’t see anything, it’s because it wasn’t a giant.
It was a lego man that your 3 year old left in the hallway.
You probably stepped on it in the middle of the night and cussed because it hurt for a second.
But it’s not a giant.
It’s a toy.
Now continue on your way and always stop, breathe, step back, and walk.

The giants will morph back into the toys they really are.