It happened so fast.
We were in the Memphis airport getting off one plane and walking on another.
I’d just spent 22 days straight with my kids.
I was tired.
We were almost home.
The 9 year old… “Daddy? Will you read this to me?”
“Can I do it on the plane when we get settled in?”
“OK” she replied.
We got on the plane, got settled in, and I fell asleep.

We got home and she said…”Dad?  Can you read the book to me now?”
“YES! I can.”
She cuddled up in my gut, like she used to do when she was 3.
I started reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid Part 3524.
She got settled in.
She fell asleep in 10 seconds flat.

The grace she showed me in my sleep I treasured in hers.
She wanted no story from me.
She wanted me.
And when she got me.
She dreamed of me.

Your nine year old wants you more than whatever they are asking you to do.

Fill their heart with the pace of your voice and the rhythm of your breath.
It’s better that way…